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The most efficient way to connect all your food delivery providers

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Reinventing POS Integration

Find out more about the hundreds of developers and thousands of customers that benefit from our platform

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Sparse Graph. We bring you an easy-to-use integration platform that allows interoperability between your POS solution and all your food delivery providers through a single control plane. This reduces complexity and costs of integration while maximizing your time to focus on what really matters, which is your customer's POS system. You dont have a POS yet? No problem, you can use ours at no extra cost.




Our REST APIs provide a unified bidirectional integration interface between your POS solution and a large range of food delivery providers, including UberEats, JustEats and Deliveroo

Unified Data Model

Access a single data model and workflow. Our platform encapsulates all properties and steps required by different providers, and exposes it as one single data structure. This simplifies the work of the system integrator, as there is only one data structure to manage.

Simplified Pricing Model

Our pricing model guarantees that restaurants have no surprises at the end of the month. We offer a fixed pricing model that helps businesses to easily manage their costs

How does it work?


Implement our Open API specification

We provide you with client-side implementation code for a variety of programming languages including javascript, .net, python, java, nodejs, etc. As a system integrator, you can implement a client in any POS solution that supports making and receiving web-requests. All delivery providers are accessible through the same endpoint, using our standardized data structure. This way, you only have to worry with a single data model that contains all the information required by the different delivery providers.



Handle events and analyse logs

You also get access to all events occurring in any delivery system, by subscribing to our webhook, which aggregates them all into a single control plane.


A highly efficient monitoring system grants you access to logs and messages using GraphQL, which lets you trace issues, and troubleshoot problems.

About Us

Our Vision

Led by the belief that
businesses can do more when connected

Our vision is a world in which businesses are connected and working together to create a better future. We believe that by collaborating, businesses can achieve more than they could alone.


An inherent challenge with that is the diversity of systems and features spread across different providers. And managing all connectivity throughout this spectrum of engagement can be complex and costly. We aim to make business connectivity simple and affordable for all, so that businesses can focus on what they do best: their core purpose and mission.



“Sparse Graph is a game changer!”

Joan Marks

“We no longer have to worry with unpredictable costs. For a small business like ours, its important to know upfront how much something will cost and SG has enabled us to do just that”

Raymond Souza

“No longer need to maintain 1000s of lines of code. SG allows us to simplify the whole integration proces”

Maggie Stalk

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